Maturity ~ The most important trait


a trait usually accociated with the older generations, a representation of experience one gained in life. It defines social interaction and plays an important role in solving issues that exist in a group.

Maturity influences language, humor and confidence. It is a key value in building friendships and trust.

Maturity is about tolerance and fairness. It’s about leading the way for you and for others when situations become worse and worse. It is about teaching and guiding others to a level of maturity at which they can lead their own way, mentor others themselves.

Most of all, maturity is about kindness. In any situation. It’s about restraining yourself and keep interactions professional. To express your concerns , your opinion in a professional way, no matter how unpleasant the situation.

I was not mature the past few days. And that’s not okay because the people that I interacted with were hurt during those interactions. Therefore i wanted to say sorry to those that I treated immature. I won’t make excuses for my behaviour it was just wrong. I hope that this post can also be a guide for others that find themselves in similar situations.

Reflecting about your own actions is increadibly important to grow and mature, and you should never stop doing it.

“A true master is an eternal student”

Mistakes happen and it’s our task to accept them, learn and grow from them. With that I hope my legacy won’t too heavily be defined by the past couple of days. Keep your heads up, grow and gain more and more experience and most of all, cherish what you have.

Bjarne Koll

Head of permission abuse (sorry I needed a joke in such a serious post )