Maximum amount of points for homework NOT based on year

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I’ve noticed that I can do very little for homework, especially with Arithmancy, and get alot more house points than a y1 would for actually trying with their homework. I think the maximum amount of points for a homework assignment should be based on it’s marked page limit/amount of work, rather than the student’s year. Higher years still generally have to do more for homework than lower years do, but a few homework assignments might require the same amount of work as a lower year’s assignment, so in that case they should receive the same amount of points for the same quality and effort, but they do not.

Why it will be good:
This suggestion is a good idea because it bases how many points a student can recieve on the amount of work they do rather than their year, making grading more fair because it is based on how much effort you put into homework.

How it will work in code/other functions
It does not to be coded but rather put into place for professors to follow as a guide for grading assignments.

Who do you imagine has time to implement this feature
Professors and whoever writes the guidelines for them could implement it.

Which server?


We set it based on year, because as you year up, more is expected from homework. Additionally we have been working on changing it so there are less written assignments anyway so you might not be writing a whole bunch of homework in the long run anyway~

Yeah, that’s why I mentioned generally higher year homework is more work in general, but I can’t wait until not every assignment is written.