Maximum Ride RP 2.0

There was already a maximum ride Rp but now I’ve read the first 6 books so I love it and want to rp it to the fullest

Maximum ride is about a group of kids called “the flock” who are part bird and have wings, heightened vision, super speed, and other cool abilities. They grew up in a lab called the “School” with “white coats” (scientists) constantly performing tests on them.

This rp will take place in an alternate timeline where instead of the flock in the books, you guys are the flock. You can be a normal person or a bird kid. Oh, and there are enhanced individuals called erasers which are part wolf and work for the white coats.



Gender: (please just stick to male and female)
Bird kid or not:
Special abilities:

( @Adam_Boynton can we use our chreachters from the last rp)

(Sure. )

Name: Alex
Age: 8
Species: is part tiger. Enhanced.
Background: she grew up in the school her whole life.
Desc: orange hair, has tiger ears. She has green eyes. and a orange tail
Personality: kind shy, will usually hide behind people she trusts.
Special abilities: increased speed, strength, visor and hearing.
Can hear what animals are saying.

runs in screaming OMGOMGOMGOMG YES
Name: Astoria
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Bird kid or not: Shes not a bird kid, she looks like a normal human
Background: She grew up in the school. Unlike most enhanced humans in the school, she had never desired to leave.
Desc: She has wavy brown hair that reaches her shoulders and grey-blue eyes. She also has pale skin.
Personality: She’s very pessimistic and also selfish. She also doesn’t talk much.
Special abilities: She’s an empath and she can run really fast.

Name: Tom
Gender: (please just stick to male and female) Male
Age: 13
Bird kid or not: (can I be any species? Like I mean part whatever animal? If yes, this is mine) : Part Snake/Reptile (if not, then) : Enhanced half wolf erasers
Background: Was in the school only for 2 years, as he has been rather recently discovered. Before the school, he has been in hiding while doing (find out)
Desc: short, at least for his age, slightly muscular, with black hair that has a slight greenish tint to it and is slightly curly and medium length. He has black eyes with red vertical lines (like snake eyes). Pale skin, forked tongue and has a green and black snake tail.
Personality: Quiet, sarcastic but serious, dark and possibly evil, friendly, smart, likes to talk but isn’t a fan of meeting new people.
Special abilities: Enhanced agility, speed and strength. Very good at masking himself. Has a poinosous bite and has the ability for thremovision.