MCMMO on Towny/Miningworld

Add MCMMO plugin to Towny/Miningworld

Why it will be good: Currently, miningworld has no progression or leaderboards aside from the baltop-
which currently has no value to players.
MCMMO adds progression to Miningworld- the more you mine or cut trees down, the better your player becomes at it, unlocking new skills, much like in FFXIV and other MMORPGS. This would exist on towny/miningworld only, not on Hogwarts, as Hogwarts doesn’t see a need for MCMMO, especially with no natural world play. However, on miningworld, you get a pickaxe and axe and you’ve already finished what needs to be done, play wise (Spells and magic function fine as a weapon, and can be used for extra mobility as well) . Adding MCMMO would allow for a leaderboard aswell, promoting competition between players that play regularly on miningworld.

How it will work in code/other functions This is a pre-existing plugin

Who do you imagine has time to implement this feature Daniel

Which server? Towny/Miningworld

Me, Myself, and I
Ava Tonks
Blaire Slughorn
Emma Savage/Rose

@LynxPlay Mcmmo was original removed because it clashed with brooms / wands, you wanna test this was resolved or will still be an issue?

I mean, I don’t know how configurable mcmmo is but I’d hope we could disable the options that would clash. I can test it out this weekend sure.