Memories Forgotten

Welcome to an RP about where your memories are completely gone and you wake up in a vast, white void. A piano and a tree growing on the piano is visible and a black, lean figure helps you as you wake up. You later come to realize that there’s a spiral staircase up ahead and two tall, oak doors on your right.

Your goal is to explore your surroundings and play music, growing the tree to a small slit up above. Small, but visible, it’s your goal to escape this dream-like place and find out what’s going on.

As an “player” you can either explore the secrets of the outside world or play the piano and slowly grow the tree to reach the slit… Every 20 meters gives a special clue. For every contribution, the tree grows taller for everyone. It will be defined as "Tree Progress: 0%"

As for the black figure… Simply refer to him as H. He will help you and he’s known to be mute. Explore your surroundings, play music, and find out what really is going on outside.



Name: Madison Roc
Age: 17
Description: Tall, blonde hair, brown eyes, fair skin, has on light colored cloths (I dont like descriptions so thats all you get)

Name: Lyra Samuels (I’m sorry, I just saw mean girls the musical)
Age: 16
Description: Lyra has long brown hair that’s dyed so it fades into blue at the bottom, pale skin, and green eyes. She’s always smiling and happy (this totally isn’t my first time ever roleplaying a character with a happy personality)

(Oml I love mean girls)

(IT WAs great. I should send a photo of the sweater and hat I got)

H stood over the two figures lying down and looked around the abandoned castle that they were in. Pure white light filled the whole area.

Name: Atomosa Foster
Age: 20
Description: Atomosa has honey blonde hair with gold/blue eyes. She wears T-shirts and jeans.

Madison twitched a little

H sat down on a piano bench and pulled the keys up. He glanced at the others and started to play a wistful melody.

Ato slightly stirs at the melody.

(Hrm… is everyone in the same room?)

(Yes. Everyone is together.)

(We’re all in this together~)

(;-; kms )

(Sorry, our old youth leader made that reference a lot… I miss him XD)

Lyra smiled a bit in her sleep at the sound of the sound of the piano.

Madison began to breath faster, as she was waking up.

Music started to pour as a lonely voice rang out. “Time to wake up…”

Name: Connor Thawn
Age: 17
Description: Conner has dark hair that is short. He is fairly short and quite skinny. He isn’t very muscular, and have bright green eyes. He likes to think thing through and try to think of possible outcomes before executing a plan.

Name: Ben rento
Age: 13
Description: short, blond hair, blue eyes, gets scared very easily. He is smart but also really shy, he will usually just hide behind a person who he thinks is nice.

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