MIA Adam Hughes

Hey guys I was hoping not to have to take one of these but I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve been a little absent, please forgive me for disappearing most likely going to be gone until after 23rd of this month, when I can have the surgery to remove the stub, been in severe pain for weeks and it’s only getting worse

Ended up breaking a giant portion of my tooth, like, half the tooth, and originally was going to return within the next couple days after I had recovered, however since I had to wait to get it fixed that broke more, down to a little stub so now they can’t fix it or pull it they have to surgically extract it, but I have to wait 13 days because apparently that’s the soonest appointment they could make, as now the pain comes in throbbing waves as the nerve slowly dies, I know I probably should have posted this sooner but it’s crippling, I can barely think nevermind help people right now, I don’t want to be seen online but unable to help people that need it x.x

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