MIA - Adam Hughes

I’m sorry about my recent inactivity, just starting a 45 hour a week job and I had that surgery finally, had a bad reaction to one of the meds but yeah I’ll be back soon when I recover and start getting enough sleep between work xD


yay! no pain now?

Yeah so far the pain is a lot better, I didn’t feel much while they were doing it numbed me up pretty good, well I felt the second stitch and two of the needles because they were in the roof of the mouth and that’s awfully painful, and like 10 minutes later as soon as I sat down in the car overwhelming pain, probably because I got two stitches in my gum lol but it’s definitely getting better now that the tooth is out and the gum is healing, I just can’t have any like nuts or seeds or popcorn anything that can get stuck in there while it heals, the hard part is going back to work the day after and ever since lol no rest

Edit: I forgot to mention the antibiotic made me blow up like a balloon, it had gotten infected so I was on amoxicillin and it was either that or the numbing agent for the surgery but they think the antibiotic’s the most likely one because I’ve had the numbing agent more, still could be the lidocane for numbing don’t really want to do a trial and error but you could be exposed to something for years with no reaction but suddenly have one one day