MIA - Alyson Nesimi (Mord) // Chris Tonks (Hogs) // ChrisVD (IGN)

Okay so Ima be gone for most of the week. June 3 to June 8.

Sunday: Family over to celebrate my birthday early.
Monday: Work
Tuesday: 5AM PST flight to Vegas
Wednesday: My 21st Birthday in Vegas
Thursday: 6:30PM PST Flight home from Vegas
Friday: Sleeeeepp

While in Vegas, I’ll have my phone and laptop to watch tv etc, so I can have discord and limited access to the forums (hotel wifi), so I won’t be able to help yall with in game stuff. I will most likely make my OnTime requirements on saturday and sunday, but I need to take the MIA so y’all know not to expect work from me for most of the week. I don’t use MIAs to avoid work purposely I swear. xD


welcome to fabulous las vegas nevada \o/
has lived here for entire life
hope ya have a fun time :stuck_out_tongue: