MiA - Chara Tripp // Shiqun Noriac

geez, many mias. unless i get accepted to another week of camp this should be my last MiA for the summer : D
This MiA will be taking action starting tomorrow afternoon (for EST) cause i’m going to another week of summer camp! it’s an overnight camp and there’s no electronics allowed. i’ll probably be on tomorrow mornin, just don’t burn down my tavern <33


up in flames

BRIAN What did you do??

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ummm… cow may have gotten set on fire and ran through the town burning everything to the ground. but its fine…honest :smiley:


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I’m going to have to extend this MiA to next Saturday, August somethin. I just got into another week of the same camp after being on the waiting list, so I won’t be able to have electronics. I might be on this weekend, but I’ll be busy with repacking and other events. :heart:

:frowning: spam me when you get back