MIA - Draco Pulchra

This appears to be a recurring theme if I’m honest. Recently I mourned the anniversary of my mothers death and cremation; in a little under 3 weeks I turn 16 and in a little under 8 weeks my final exams of schooling begin. Alongside all of this I have a final interview, exam period and other things at a school that I’m aiming to get a scholarship for [Good luck me :smiley: I’ve made it to the final 3 from an original 20 :sweat_smile:] but yeah. With all this going on, I’m pretty tied down and stressed out so consequence of that means that KTN has taken a hit. I know I’ve not been the most active recently, but this is why. I love you all and I will be back by June or July at the latest.

The only real reason for me putting this up is so that Jordan doesn’t sell my apartment again -.- [I know I deserved it bc I got banned but y’know. makes me sad :(]