MIA - Duck Lupin

I’ll be MIA from noon on Monday 28th, September until 2pm on Friday 2nd, October. (ACST [Australian Central Standard])

I know I am not overly active on the server as is, but I have been playing again a bit more recently, and so I feel like putting this MIA out there could be a good idea.
I am going away with my girlfriend for a week, just to escape life. Everything has been collapsing around us these last few weeks, so as it is school holidays we felt like now would be the best time to take a break from everything and just reconnect with ourselves. While I will still have a laptop with MC (nowhere near powerful enough to run knockturn) and still have my phone,I will probably not be appearing even on the discord, as gaming is not going to be a priority during this week.

Hope to see you all upon my return!!

  • Duck Lupin