MIA - Emily Stump/Florent

This week I’m starting to get swamped with school work, so just taking a break for a few days. Tomorrow I have a test and giving tours to the kids that will be coming into my building next year. The tours mess up my schedule, and my normal free period is now taken. Friday I have a full-day field-trip. We have to be at the school by 5:45 am, and we’re getting back at 10 pm. I have the usual on Saturday, plus an English project that may (will) take me a while. There’s yet another test for the same subject on Tuesday. It’s also the hardest class I’m taking this year so I should study for it.

I may be able to fit a lore lesson in, but I will almost certainly report it late, since I will be awake for almost 18ish hours by that point. I may be able to get online some, but I’m going to push myself to do something productive since I have so much. I should be able to be on discord/discourse some in that time, but much less than usual. Don’t burn anything down while I’m gone kthx.

Well… you can burn the snek pit, that’s all.

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excuse me (alsoo i hope it goes well)

no emily come bk

Ew no. I still may be on some, just less to lower stress levels xD.