MIA from people - PANDETTA BELL

I am taking an mia from the people of this server. It seems that most people think I am just gonna deal with their attitudes all day and use me as a punching bag when they feel like it. So since no one wants to respect me, I am going to be not responding to anyone asking for help for the next two weeks. I will still be coding but if anyone needs me for anything for two weeks, the answer is going to be no, I am on mia. When y’all can be more respectful, I will consider listening.

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Im sorry if i was one of those people , tho i always tried to be as patient as possilbe. Lets hope the people that abuse you like this will learn from this. :heart:

I agree with Michael and I hope this small break is good to get away from a bit of the stress. We’re here if you ever need someone to talk to or just someone to smack the annoying peeps in the head XD :green_heart: we’re gonna miss ya :snake: snek

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People can be annoying… (just always remember that you’re smarter than them)
Take care :slight_smile:

I sincerely apologize if I’m one of these people. I don’t try to message you or bother you as I know you have a lot on your plate. I’m sorry you had to take a break because of all the nagging.

Take care of yourself though, and know that you are the superstar of le server <3

Sad when the person that bans you for no reason tries to make herself seem like the victim bahaha

  1. Had nothing to do with you. 2) Good on you to remind me to ban you from the forums.

You were banned when being a huge Jerk for the 50th time in a short time. Here you are again being one.
First trick to being respected is to respect others @JxshDun

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