MIA - Haley Robertson

I have about 30 emails to sort through about potential internship positions and interviews, three video interviews to do, three interviews to schedule, and about seven upcoming already scheduled interviews in the next month. Probably obvious, but I’m a bit stressed as these are coding test interviews so I need to study and I’m also behind on reading for my classes and have two group assignments due this weekend.

Taking the next 3 days (Thurs, Fri, Sat) for myself to try to get some of this work done. I’m sure I will still work on my behind the scenes stuff so don’t worry pande :joy:, but plan on me not being active on the server and maybe Discord as well until Sunday.

Good luck and I hope you do good in the interviews! :smiley:

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Extending this because I just scheduled three interviews for Monday ^.^
I’ll be fully back on Tuesday. (Although I’m really not good at being MIA)