MIA - Haley Robertson

Posting this a bit early, but that time of year has come everyone! It is internship recruitment season and I am going to a conference where I will have at least 7 interviews (wish me luck!!!). I wanted to post early since we are still working through some things after the update and wanted to give everyone who may need me an early heads up.

I will be mostly completely unavailable during the day from September 30 to October 5 and October 7 through October 9. If for some reason you need to DM me, it will take me at least 30 minutes and possibly as long as several hours to even look at the message. I will not have any access to work on Knockturn stuff until at least 11 pm those days and will be exhausted and will not want to work because I likely will have been coding in my interviews all day and will also be socially drained from networking with people.

I’m also going to the Jonas Brothers concert this weekend and so this MIA starts on Friday, September 27, and ends Thursday, October 10.

Y’all are the best, don’t break anything else while I’m gone. :grin: :heart:


oo gl on the interviews!!

also, have fun at the jonas brothers!!! I saw them last month and omggg they’re so good live

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Good luck on all the interviews!! :smiley:

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Good luck! <3

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Soooo I just got another interview, this one in New York City, I gotta extend this until Sunday October 13 and even then I’ll finally be home after two weeks of traveling to like 5 different states so I may be dead asleep lol

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Ayyy remember to have fun! good luck on the next interview :3

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