MIA - Jareth Lettiere - Fance Skye

Hey guys,

I will MIA from NOW till Thursday 1/10/2019 . I have a huge certification I need to pass so ill need to focus my whole attention on it as it effects my job irl.

No changes on my end will be happening to Mordonia until the MIA is over. If there is an issue please reach out to admins and other owners. I really do not need distractions so unless I reach out please dont spam message me. If I am on the server its to do building and give my mind some times to relax. Ill answer rps when I can.

Owners and the things they do :smile:
@Siphlygon - Go to for all Mordonia Server issues / plugin Development
@Lorlynn - Go to for all Builder / Lore issues
@Gunnar - Go to for all staff issues / user related issues and siph bae is a back up

If you message me asking for anything to be done I will be sending you my MIA link so you can find the appropriate person to assist you



Good luck! We promise to not burn Mord down Burns Mordonia


Good Luck with the certification, Fance!

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Good luck! We’ll hold down the fort <3

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HEY YALL! Good news, I passed my test woooooooooooooooo! Bad news ill be Mia from now till Tuesday. Ill be studying for the next half of my test. Whoop whoop! Same things apply as before.


Ayeee!!! Great Job on your test! Hope you do amazing on the second half :yellow_heart: