MIA - Katna Malamius

Let’s be honest, I’ve practically been MIA for multiple months now, but I’m making it official I guess because things have only gotten worse lol

I’ve been MIA and been lacking on staff duties because my mental health has been near rock bottom for quite a while now, but we all already knew this. Anyway, something happened to me a few weeks ago that’s admittedly messed me up even more somehow (I cannot elaborate here) and, well, Knockturn is the least of my concerns at this moment to say the least. I don’t know how long this MIA will last (especially considering uni starts again in like a week), so if y’all need to fire me or whatever for inactivity, that makes total sense - I just wanted to basically make this MIA to say “Don’t expect much at all from me” instead of just leaving y’all completely in the dark. Sorry y’all but a girl’s gotta prioritize herself sometimes <3

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