MIA - Lilly Arima

Not sure how long this is going to last. The main reason is because I broke my thumb nail pretty low (which you will know about if you were online the server last night when I was talking about it, lol). It really hurts to grip my mouse and type so I can’t really play very well right now, especially since guiding newbs will be out of the question.

I also have just been pretty tired and unmotivated lately, and I also am trying to get back into things I used to be interested in such as painting.

I’m not sure how long this MIA will last, most likely only a week, or until my nail grows back a bit and I am not so stressed. I might pop on a couple times just to see how y’all are doing. As always, I will be avilable via Discord.

See you later, lovelies <3


Awww bye I’ll miss you

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MIA is over (though I may not play every single day or as long as I normally do)

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