MIA - Percy Arima / Andrei Nesimi

OOPS I almost forgot to write this ._.
Tomorrow I’m going to disney World in Florida for two weeks (YAY) and I won’t have my laptop, so I won’t be on Minecraft at all. I might be on Discord a bit, but I highly doubt it.

So yea, nobody will miss me but still I’ll be back on August 13Th

Then I’ll have a couple two day MIAs which I’ll write at the time.



OoOooooooOoo I’m going to Florida a day after ya. Have fun!

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Ill miss you :_: have fun sob

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Have fun in Florida! :smiley:

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Thanks! ;D

I’ll have loads of fun, thanks :slight_smile:

But it’ll all be different without being able to talk to you much cries

That’s awesome xD

Have fun!! You coming back the day I leave xD

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lucky xD i went there back when I was 5 :smile: I miss it there

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