MIA - Smol Owen // Julie Lettiere

Hellu~ :kissing_heart:

I know I went on a 2 day mia about a week ago and yes you guessed it… I’m gonna go on another mia. :weary: This time it will be about the span of 2 weeks! (eeps I’m sorry plz don’t smite :pray: )

After experiencing my first week back at uni for semester 2 I realised how much more intense this semester is going to be. :sob: I’m going to be very busy the next two weeks trying to study ahead of schedule in order to make some time for ktn in the future but in order to do that I need to sacrifice 2 weeks away from it. :dizzy_face: There’s a lot going on that I need to sort out for my irl so I’m not sure how often I will be checking discord but I’ll try my best to check it at least once a day. :sweat_smile:

Will miss ya guys for a while~ :heart:

~ Smolo :kissing:


aw, hope you come back soon, or y’know, I find you sooner xD
miss ya!
~ Kroos

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Take care and we’ll miss you! :cry:

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Welp, real life comes first and I’m sure that you’ll he fine \o/.

We will try to not destroy the server in the meantime hehe


orrrrr ditch dat school and just live forever playing mc :smiley:

if u pay sure :wink: