MIA - Summer Rocco / Velvet Booth

So I tried to come back to the server and I managed it but then my mum ended up having an operation which left things a bit wild around the house since she can’t do much. Since there’s a lot of us in the house it means there’s more to do and I’ll be helping out hence why I need this.

Also I have to keep looking at work stuff since ew life calls for jobs


We’ll miss ya, but ofcourse irl goes first. Good luck for you and your mom and take care :3


Good luck with everything, take your time :heart:

Velv, help ur mum, be a good child, And Hope everything goes well and dandy

good child you will be missed : ( take as much time as ya need and GET THOSE MUNS YAS

Irl comes first?

Jkjk, but like

Nothing happens IRL for moi xD