MIA - Tal Trelawney

Hey, so…

Packing for my flight and helping with house moving at the same time. Got exams to focus on as well so I will be MIA for about 3 weeks. Hopefully by the 27th I will be back in motion.

Builders just continue on with what I have assigned you on. Sergio don’t u go resigning just cause I’m away.

Haley go poke at Smile to teach u the ways.

Won’t be checking much of discord - probs like 3 time a week at best. If you need to talk to me do it on Sundays. So don’t complain cause I have mentioned that I won’t be checking. Ily :heart:

I will be on for the 1st of July to post the Prophet in game.

  • Smolo :sunflower:

Will miss u :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: good luck with ur exams x

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Bbbut what are we gonna doooo. How are we gonna manage! :open_mouth:

I guess we’ll do the best we can…

You better give those exams your all, ma’am!

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