Middle-Earth Roleplay

I was bored, I like LOTR, and BAM! We have the roleplay.

1: Keep it PG
2: Don’t be OP. It’s no fun.
3: This is set before the Hobbit.
4: Don’t be unrealistic. Like don’t have a Hobbit that goes to Rohan or something like that.
5: To be a royal, you need to ask me.


Kingdom/Region: (You can go extremely specific and say your city.)
Specialization: (Warrior, Blacksmith, farmer, etc.)

Could I be an elven queen?

(Oml yas)

Sure! ima edit the rules a bit

(Agh, I really want to join this Rp but I have no idea what I want to do with my life xD)

(Why are we talking about the Hunger Games roleplay here xD Also, it’s not all about the scores, other factors can determine sponsors)

(Ahh when you try to respond to a different rp and you click and a differnt one p. I cri)

Name: Halam Lot
Race: elvish
Age: 109
Gender: male
Kingdom/Region: lothlorien
Weapon: bow
Specialization: archery
Background: He is alive, he will die someday, and there’s nothing special.
Description/Personality: brown hair, and strong.

Name: Coran
Race: Human
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Kingdom/Region: Rohan/Edoras
Weapon: Sword and bow.
Specialization: Warrior
Background: Coran was born and raised to be a Warrior. He currently guards the city of Edoras.
Description/Personality: Coran has ice-blue eyes and blonde hair.

Name: Seraphina Firewing
Race: Elvish/Guardian Angel
Age: Who knows, really…
Gender: Female
Kingdom/Region: (You can go extremely specific and say your city.) Anywhere she’s assigned, but often Rivendell.
Weapon: A long sword.
Specialization: (Warrior, Blacksmith, farmer, etc.) Uhh… Angel-ing?
Background: She is a Guardian Angel from heaven, and guards with her life those assigned to her. Her first time guarding, her ward was killed. She swore never to let it happen again.
Description/Personality: She has golden wings that shimmer red, and she has long copper hair that has two white streaks. Her eyes are a brilliant teal.

She can transform into any animal at will, and disguise herself.

She’s very kind and charming, but deadly if you get on her bad side.

(Let’s start)

(How? X3)

Coran leaned on the castle wall, pondering something. He watched as a man on a horse entered the city. (Like that @AnaCloud you should come to Èdoras)

Seraphina stretched her wings in the glorious sunlight. She took a running leap into the sky, flying lazily around.

Coran stopped a carriage. “State your name and business.” “I am (random name) and I am a merchant.”