Midsummer Scavenger Hunt Results

The scavenger hunt is over, and wow was it close.
Thank you to all who participated and everyone who did the quests and other great events<3
And now, the moment you have been waiting for… here are the top 3 winners!

First Place: Euie Lupin! 0:20:22
Second place: Alex Rogers! 0:28:20
Third Place: Cassie Slytherin! 0:30:35

Congratulations! 18 players participated in the event, 8 people completing it, 8 starting it and 2 players ie me and another upper staff being disqualified for knowing all the coords and finishing in 5 minutes.

Fourth Place: Luke Schoenheit 0:47:3
Fifth Place: Emily Stump 1:12:39
Sixth Place: Lilly Potter 1:45:02
Seventh Place: Quinn Carter 1:53:11
Eighth Place: Penguin Dedworth 2:03:31

The answer for every hints is here!

Location 1: Amagical Transportation

Train Station; Located on an outside waiting bench.

Location 2: Communication Center

The cellular tower; Big metal thingy where you had to climb all the way up.

Location 3: Barrier from holes

Road block around sewer; hidden symbol didn’t mean hard to see - it meant invisible, but it’s there.

Location 4: Solitude Nature

Wiltshire park; the location was a sap tree tap (tripwire) on a tree.

Location 5: Pink House

Large pink house; You had to find your way in by stepping on a pressure plate

Location 6: Place with an open mouth

Dr. Smol’os Dentistry; You had to go up and confront the happy patient in @Napstablook office!

Location 7: 5 gambit shelter

A little hut for sale; You had to follow the signs to safety.

Location 8: Where orphans live

Bess’ Wiltshire Orphanage for Peculiar Children; A kind and welcoming orphanage established in 2021 with yummy food.

Location 9: House of 10 Suns

trow10; The home in Wiltshire named as the 10nth house in the neighborhood

Thank you everyone who participated in the Scavenger Hunt event!
Thanks as well to the event team, @anthony.N (being new quest writer) Join Lore Team, @Tereazer (testing it all for me), and @PenguinGoggles(no way I could make this nice of a post.)

Love y’all! <3 <3