Minecraftcapes Mod - Benny Howden

Minecraft Username: Teddle
Current Roleplay Name: Benny Howden

Mod Name: Minecraft Capes
Link to Mod Page: https://minecraftcapes.co.uk/
Mod Features: Allows the user to upload a cape to use in-game.

Why should we allow this mod?: It’s a really cool mod that allows players to have custom capes in game instead of having to go to a Minecon event. It is purely cosmetic and gives no advantages to players. It is available in the server’s version.

If accepted, your suggested mod will be added to the list of approved mods that can be used on the server.


one thing i forgot to add is that not everyone needs the mod to be able to play. Only if the player wants to be able to see other’s capes, then they can get it.


Approved. We are going to be allowing this mod!