Missing portkeys from inventory

Support Ticket

my portkeys keep vanishing. at first I thought I accidently owled them to someone, so I went and bought more. I lost about 12 at first (not sure how many exactly) and only had 1 left. because I thought I owlef them to someone I went and bought more, I bought a stack of 60 making 61 with the one I had left from before. I used 2 of these so I had 59 left. I was then just standing in the EH practicing spells and I went to get floo powder to go help giniveve at hagrids, and noticed I again only had one left. confused I moved the single one to my hotbar and without me even pressing q, it vanished. you can probably check the logs for the store that sells portkeys to prove I just bought 60 of them. you can also check my dorm chest to prove they aren’t in there, and i sent proof they arent in my ender chest or inventory to discord.

Request for Solution
I don’t want the portkeys back because they’ll just vanish again. I want my money back that I spent.

Link To Related Bug Report
If this was caused by a bug in the Bug Report forum, please link it here.