Moderator - Bob Titan - Hogwarts

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Minecraft Username: BobTheTitan_

Hogwarts Roleplay Name: Bob Titan

Mordonia Roleplay Name: Bob Vaga

Server Staff Tree: [Mordonia or Hogwarts] Hogwarts

Age: 15

Timezone: PST (3 hours behind EST)

Hogwarts Year: (Y2 + for all hogwarts roles) Graduated

Mordonia Rank: Wanderer

Do you have Discord?: (Required for hogwarts roles) Yes, Bob#2056

If you have Discord, what is your username?: Bob Titan//Vaga

How long have you been on the server?:: For 2 years and 3 months

Why should we pick you for this role?: I have been staff on Hogwarts before but I had to resign due to inactivity, and I just want to help the server in any, and all ways I can.

Have You been Staff Before?: I sure have (Prof and Mod)

Anything you would like to add to motivate us to pick you?: I have spent all my time on Mordonia, but I am playing on Harry Potter again and I have really enjoyed it again so I am going to play it more.

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Congrats! You’ve been accepted to Knockturn Networks Staff! Now you need perms. Here is what needs to happen before you’re officially on the team:

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If your application changes from Accepted to Permissions-Granted before you have all these perms, please contact an owner and get the missing perms!

Welcome to the team!

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