Moderator - Harry Barnes - Hogwarts

(Make Your title: Role - Firstname Lastname - Server)

**Minecraft Username: Bammm

**Hogwarts Roleplay Name: Harry Barnes

**Mordonia Roleplay Name: Nate Oskia

Server Staff Tree: [Hogwarts]


**Timezone: EST

**Hogwarts Year: Year 3

**Mordonia Rank: Peasant

**Do you have Discord?: I do.

**If you have Discord, what is your username?: HarrehB

**How long have you been on the server?: I just hit 2 years on the server 3 days ago!

**Why should we pick you for this role?: Helping people has always been something I admired, and I want to help the server even more than I already for as a helper! I have been told that I am a good helper and after that I thought of the amazing things I could do for the server as a Moderator. Some of you may know me as a fun guy, and not someone who is mature enough to handle such high responsibility. But, when it comes to serious roles and situations like those, My maturity level will take over and stop whatever non-sense the student is causing. I am good at keeping things under control and I am not afraid to take action in any sort of way. If any student breaks the rules excessively, I wont be afraid to mute, or temp-ban! (If necessary.) I would be perfect for this role due to my determination to things. Once I start something, I will not stop unless my life affects it in any way. As for Moderator, If I do obtain this role, I will do the best as possible to keep the server in control.

**Have You been Staff Before?: I am a helper and Prof. Assistant, not sure if that really counts, though.

**Anything you would like to add to motivate us to pick you?: I am on the server a good amount of my time, and with summer coming around, I will be available to be on it much more than I am now. Thanks!

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Welcome to the team!