Moderator Resignation - Harry Malfoy

I’ve been Moderator for about 5-6 months now, and I’ve been through many different experiences. I guess I’m saying goodbye to the Moderator and saying hello to being a regular user shivers XD. I really love the role of Moderator and I would not resign, but, I have this feeling inside of me saying: DO ITTTT JUST RESSIGNN MY GOD, and I did it. I’ll also be quitting Hogwarts because of that dang Mordonia that stole me.

I promised I would not let Mord steal me…but It’s just so hard bc its fun…;-;

I also want to apologize to the people who thought I’d be a good Moderator, because I really was not, and I made mistakes back and forth.

Thanks o/

  • Harry Barn- Malfoy


yee we’ve stolen another

I disapprove

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(;-; y u leave us do u no love us? ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-; )


Don’t abandon us son ;-;

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Can’t believe you did this to us. If I ever see you on mord the same time I’m on I will hunt u down, tie you up and throw you back to hogwarts… :unamused:


HARRY NO, YOU COME BACK TO THE HOGS SIDE RIGHT NOW, RIGHT. NOW. also kinda been stolen by mord cause of the event NOW.

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hahaha mord is stealing everyone

Partially, yes. But I will never fully go over to the dark side. I have a little taste of it shudders and don’t care for more if that.

oh boy mord is stealing everyone
the thief

Not Harry! We’ll miss you on Hogwarts…