Mordonia Daycare!? (Poll)

So it came to our attention, that it is hard for children to rp while their parents aren’t online. Our idea for a solution? Mordonia Daycare! With this in place, when you log on and your parents are not on, it would be assumed that you are in the daycare of your kingdom (or whatever Kingdom you may be in irp) so you can rp with other children!

This isn’t to say that it would stop parents from rping, if the parents happen to log on mid-rp between their kids, they can simply join in as if they are coming to take them from daycare, or to visit them in daycare. Rp is all about using your imagination! But remember, the daycare would be heavily guarded (invisapop) to keep the children safe. And yes! Teens can be there too.

Why am I making this post/poll? To see if that is something our community would like, of course! This would bring more rp opportunity and could be lots of fun~!

  • This sounds like a great idea! :smiley:
  • Hmm, I don’t like it :confused:
  • This could work, but can I suggest a small tweak? (leave tweak in the comments)
  • I have another idea (leave idea in the comments)

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kicks child to daycare have fun xD


Daycares should be moved to town specific instead of kingdom specific - it’s a little hard to believe that my son would be able to go to daycare all the way across the entire world


Oh don’t worry, kingdom is generalization xD each town would have a daycare

I like the idea, but have the child make sure its okay with the parent first because I know some people irp cant go places because of things. Maybe this would just be something that the kids who cant or know they need to ask their rp parents can worry about. Shrug

Would this work if the child doesn’t have parents? (aka me)


YES above would still be an orphanage / daycare

Plz no mom

Dun worry xD