[Mordonia] Looking for a Girlfriend/Boyfriend IRP

Keyton Deburghrave IV is 15 years old, lives in Bella, and owns his own trade ship which he uses to sail around the world to deliver cargo, it is one of the best trade ships in the world.

Keyton is looking for someone close to his own age from 13-20ish. Keyton is a nice guy, and will treat any partner well. Keyton’s one main weakness is that he wears his heart on a sleeve, and tends to be blunt sometimes.

Keyton is looking for a nice girl/guy that likes to travel, and to have a good laugh.

Since Keyton is still pretty young I’d like the relationship to start slowly with a few dates, maybe dinner, or sunset over then mountains somewhere.

If you are interested contact me in game or on discord (Casper#1786)