Mordonia Petition

Whee, Harry here with Ties and a few others. We’re starting a petition via form of a poll. We would like to recover Selto as a raid town, primarily.
Would you support the re-introcudtion of Selto as a raid Town?

  • Yes
  • No

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@Avery @Cris @ZoeDoesThings @Soulesss @Pengauno

I loved Selto as a raid town. And would love it if I’m RP people that used to live there or something went back to Selto and cleaned it up so it became a raid town again.

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I don’t do raids, What does the masses prefer?

lmao, rip Randy xD boi you’re the only one against it lol

that’s kay, everyone has their own opinions and we should respect his (unless they support Neve xD)


This is not going to happen regardless of the petition. Sorry but Selto has its history and its a marked ground of the horrid events that has happened in the 2nd arc