[Mordonia] She Who Smelt It

Gone is the era of Alyson’s Medicine. Welcome to the dawn of the age of ‘She Who Smelt It’!


She Who Smelt It is a ticket-based forger’s workshop. The ticket system works as follows:
User Has Damaged Item/Armor >> User Purchases the Proper Ticket from Shop >> User Owl Mails the Damaged Item/Armor to ChrisVD >> ChrisVD Repairs said Item/Armor and Returns it to the User.

The same process applies to Custom Name/Lore services, however tweaked a bit differently. The user will include their name/lore request when the send the item via owl OR they can message me on discord.

The shop is located to the left of /warp market. It is quite easy to find, seeing as it is one of two market stoles primarily made of stone in the inner circle of the markets.

The Services Offered:

  • Armor Repair: As a forger I have access to /fix. For newer Crate Items, /fix sometimes poses a problem. This doesn’t stop me, no way! I have a 1200+ repair level which means I am able to repair anything with a 0% chance of losing it’s enchantments.
  • Weapon/Tool Repair: As mentioned above, I can repair anything.
  • Custom Armor/Weapon/Tool Name: I offer a variety of naming options as listed in page 3 of my shop.
  • Custom Armor/Weapon/Tool Lore: This is the same as above. More details can be found on page 3 of my shop.
  • Repair Material Purchasing: I purchase materials needed in repair. This includes wood, cobblestone, string, diamonds, iron, gold, etc. This is found on page four.

Come check out the shop! It’s worth your time!


After a small bug in which the shop actually vanished, the shop is back up and running!