Mordonia Survivor Season 1 End!

So, Mordonia Survivor Season 1 has ended and it seems like a bunch of people enjoyed it!

First off, I’d like to congratulate Leopold Lettiere (@Fancepants) on winning!
Second off, I’d like to congratulate Elijah Iani (@ZoeDoesThings) on winning Fan Favorite!
Thrid off, I’d like to congrtulate Celexia Leonie (@Kempy) on making it to the Final 3!

So, now that that’s out of the way, I’d like to know you all thought about the event! What do you think should be changed, or what could be different?

Also, Soon, i’ll be editing this post with some statistics about the event, just some random things that we kept track of during the event! Also, I’d like to, again, thank Chris (@Chris) for being an amazing PA and helping me put everything together! Cause I couldn’t have done it without him!


We should have a big brother event next. Have HoH competitions, veto competitions, use different types of competitions like quizzes, parkour, maybe some kind of games like all dark maze or something, I’m not sure how endurance competitions would work though

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I love this so much. It’s very entertaining. :smiley:

We appreciate the suggestion. This idea has/is already being considered.

Please keep in mind that an event such as the Survivor or a Big Brother competition requires a lot of time to create. Building alone takes months. Then the coordinators (in the instance of Survivor, Brian and I) have to schedule it, find contestants, figure out which challenge goes where, and a whole lot more. On top of that, people tend to back out last minute (even after confirming 3 times that they can make it). This takes anywhere from 2 weeks to a month.

As I said, this has/is being considered. We just need time. Time to look at what went well and what didn’t in this event, consider tweaks and changes, and then decide whether or not we want to do such a large competition event again.

Thank you, though, for the suggestion.

Please know, I do not EVER want to put stress on the admins. These are just some ideas I got from some game shows and such that I’ve seen. Please only do these if you want to do the event again and if you have the time and energy. I do NOT want to waste your time. Thank you.

The event itself was super fun. Though, I am sad I was eliminated. I liked how we had little breaks and party chat, but maybe we could do more events. Examples? Well, maybe we can each build something according to theme. The twist is, we all have a chest of 9 stacks (or more) of random blocks and some tools. Basically, a build battle but not one if you get what I’m saying. And then they would be voted on based on like creativity, originality, cuteness etc.

Also, maybe we could build a ‘base’ for an event. Or you build a few. Like 3. Basically teams of like 1 to 4 people will go into the base at once, and try to reach the end through tricks and such. The first person to grab said item wins the immunity.

Another thing that might make something cool, is like ‘date cards’ (no actual dates) but the said person can either go by themselves or go with someone else to some place because they won it. They get one whole event off or some prize or something.

(I’m exploding with ideas lol)
Additionally, you can get an immunity card. The immunity card lets you: sit out of the game, and you can’t get out. The ways to get one? Simple, either be voted Fan Favorite or win a super big event

Instead of voting in groups of six for people to get out, there should be events where everyone is every man for themselves. The Bottom Two will be given the vote on. Everyone will vote one or the other and the winner (person with most votes) is out. If there is a tie, the winner of the event gets to vote.

Though, with the immunity card you get a super vote basically. Say your friend and your enemy are the bottom two, and you vote your enemy out. Well, the next week if your friend doesn’t win the event, they will be on the bottom two again. Though, this time your friend will be out no matter what.

When given an immunity card, someone will privately tell the person and the person can either accept it or deny it. If they accept, then the effects go, if they deny then they have a chance of getting out.

More event ideas:

A trivia, about mordonia or animals, or anything really.
A survival. Basically everyone has a baby island. It has few trees, and two of each animal. They are given a few wood tools and some leather armor. They have to complete a list of things (just grabbing like obsidian, some quartz, a flower pot etc.) and the first person to finish will when. There will be a small mine, that they’d have to find with clues. And then they get said items, throw em all in the hopper then shout ‘Done’ in global. Chris or Brian (or anyone) will come and check and see and if they win, they get any item from the chest of their choice. They also win the event and will be the tiebreaker if there is a tie with the bottom two.
A writing thing: Everyone gets a book and quill. They get a theme each (everyone a different theme.) 10 - 15 minutes on the clock, and best book wins. (Everyone will get 2 books in case) There will be 1-3 rounds whatever is doable, with easy medium and hard.
Parkour/Maze - The title states it all.

Also the winner) should be able to compete for like another few seasons, but then have to take 1-2 seasons off. Like how the president gets some years as president but they can go again or take elections off.

I love all of these ideas!
They’re all super cool, and what I’m really looking for is if anyone would be interested in a season 2?

Cause I would be totally willing to host a season 2, and maybe if we can get to season 5, do an All Stars type season? Where I can ask some of the runner’s up or fan favorites to compete together!

So, I have a bunch of ideas too, and I would love to do ALL of them. The biggest limiting factor for, really any event, is time! That and people, cause it can be hard to hold a stable competition when the competitors are somewhat unreliable.

But, for right now, I’m just glad the competitors enjoyed the event! I’d like to hear from the audience/spectators a bit, cause they saw everything from a different perspective than the competitors. So I’m curious as to what they might want to see change!

Thank you! I have a ton more ideas for more events and I could help set them up if you’d like (i can get materials if im able to)

And that would be so cool!

Indeed, you might want to make the event either later or earlier. I know 6-8 is a good time but like many people eat dinner at 8-9 ish. So maybe liek 4-6 or like 5-7 i dunno. (Or 7-9) but you do whatever you’d like.

That would actually be nice to get different perspectives and things you could do better or things that were cool and such ! C:

When I was in it, it was fun! The only thing that bothered me was simply how long it took, and I know that’s not really a repairable thing, but;; I mean, just a suggestion. Maybe shorten it a little?