More cat breeds for pets

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Adding more cat breeds as pets, sold in the pet shop in diagon.

Why it will be good:
Having more cat breeds would be good as there are currently 4 on the server, but there are 11 in minecraft, and having more breeds would give players more options for cat pets. There are many breeds such as the Siamese and Calico cats which are not similar to the ones currently available. For example, more options would allow players to match the breed of their in game cat to their real life cat, or just have more choice for personal preference, which would be pretty neat.

How it will work in code/other functions
As there are already cat pets on the server would this be “duplicating” an existing cat pet and changing the skin, and adding that as a new cat pet? Not really sure how it works, but if so it shouldn’t take too long (hopefully).

Who do you imagine has time to implement this feature
This would affect the pets plugin, which Pande is in charge of I think.

Which server?

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There will be more pets in general once pets is more fully tested. Since it’s still a new plugin we only had the original cats from the original pets plugin. Thank you for your patience.

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