More possible alignments?

As of know (I think anyways) there are three types of alignments: Unaligned, Good, and Evil. But what if there were more Alignment types? I know someone made a suggestion called “Spell Usage and its influence on Alignment and Skills”. Well, this could help with that. You see, if the only possible alignments were unaligned, good and evil, it would be hard to tell how much of an influence your spell usage would be having on Alignment and Skills. So maybe there could be more alignments. For one thing, there’s only a good alignment for a positive alignment, so maybe there could be more alignment types like “Great” “gold-hearted” “hero” or something like that. And with bad alignments, there’s not a bad one, it’s just straight-up evil, so maybe before that could be “bad” and afterwards could be things like “soulless” (like umbridge) or “Cruel”. I was getting kinda bored, so I just thought of this in my head, and I made it a suggestion, so yeah. Hope ya like :slight_smile:

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*now. I really don’t like autocorrect .-.

This makes sense. I do think “good” and “evil” are too linear, and that they are just extremely simplified views created by humans. A good example of a person who is not “good” or “evil” would be Snape.

Agreed. Maybe neutral could also be an alignment

I feel like a person could also be both cruel and a hero, like Snape again.

Agreed. (These notifications are gonna be the death of me, I keep thinking they’re responses to my helper application xD)

Neutral is an alignment ;3

Neutral = unaligned everyone spawns as neutral

No it depends on the family. Some people can start with good or bad alignment.

Yeah I forgot about that (I really need to go to bed) But my point is, most people spawn as neutral, especially if they don’t have a canon family