More ways to get XP

I am very excited with the new mob system and to be a Y4! But…well, I have 44% experience left.
I spent last night killing the only mob I’ve found that gives decent xp. (for example, high tier toadstools only give 5 xp and highest kneazles seem to give 10 xp [compared to previous 40 xp] but Threshals give 20 xp so I’ve been killing those but it’s not enough–after spending an hour killing Threshals I only got 4%.

My suggestion is

  • either raise xp from creatures or add other ways to gaining xp.
    -I’ve competed in duels and several snaps games but hardly gained xp. I was curious if either give more exp for those activities (even if you don’t win)
    -or what I would love would be give exp when you brew potions outside of class
  • even maybe if you do homework.

Why it will be good:
[Write reason for why it improves the server]
Since the change, it has been a struggle to gain xp due to the sharp decrease of available exp from mobs–while the point of lowering is to make sure people don’t just rush through the years, I believe at least the mobs should be raised since in my experience of attempting to get exp these passed several days has been minimal.

How it will work in code/other functions
[Write for how it will work. Realizing that coding a single spell takes an hour.]
It will most likely take some amount of time to implement more exp sources and to raise the exp of mobs such as the knug-fu toadstools (which take almost the same time to kill as Threshals yet give significantly less xp.)

Who do you imagine has time to implement this feature
Most likely devs–they have done so much so I understand if it takes a while but I hope it will be somewhat quick to do to quirk xp rewards.

Which server?

Thank you for consideration and I know this system is still growing and constantly being adapted.

I appreciate all the hard work everyone has put into it and I don’t mean to complain. I am just curious if the system could be edited to assist those like me who, gained lots of xp killing mobs previously but now left with little resources to year up (as I finished and passed all my classes.)

I hope you all are staying safe and well

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At the moment potions can’t give exp bc there is no way to know who brew the potion for sure. As for the mobs, as the mobs increase in level as I scale them over the next couple weeks you will find they do give a significant exp when you kill some of higher level, unfortunately I am not interested in additing a lot of mobs right away as I am still working on scaling, but most people are who 4th year are closer to level 40-50 which means the max level 26 mob isn’t going to do much for them right now. Sorry that it is taking a bit to get all the mobs out, but I promise when you do have enough mobs out they will give better exp, and if they don’t give enough when its equal to your level, we will adjust more.


Thank you! That makes sense. Thank you for working so hard on all this.

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