Mostly-MIA - Ava Tonks

I was debating making this either a semi MIA orrr just a MIA. I’m still going to be on daily, just probably not as much as usual because I have to help pack up everything by the end of July ;-;. Save me. Ok anyway, this mostly MIA will end around the first week of august because that will be unpacking time (UNLESS we finish packing a week early Bc the landlord said we could move in a week early if we want to, which is now the main goal) so it will probably end at the end of July because yes ok. I’ll try my best to get online because I love all of you. Ok bye.

I feel like I was gonna mention smth else but idk what it is soooo bye. Ily.


I will miss you sm💛

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I’ll miss you tons Leaf Queen.


Extending this MIA to august 3rd because Oink is missing and we’re not leaving without her ofc.

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also- never mind, we found her. she’s covered in ash now… because she was in the chimney. And then we took her out. And now today she went back in the chimney.

IMG_1301 IMG_1303

Anyway, MIA over. I’ll be at a hotel later today so I might be on for a bit and then wooo I’ll be on all day probably tmrw at new house.


Glad pig got out safe! Look forward to seeing you online again :smiley: