Muggleborn Detector Poll

Suggest was to remove --> Have a poll

Muggleborn detectors have been a stable of the ‘prejudice’ wizarding world for awhile now. However, it’s been suggested that its not fair. So here are your options (majority vote rules on this one since its a change requested by user not a feature)

Proposed Change -> Make it so when you approach one it makes an alert with no negative effect to muggle borns (maybe even only visible to the user).

Why change and not remove? People have purchased these and it’s kind of unfair to just take them away.

Additionally -> If vote to change and want a different proposal put below and if change is the vote, we can have a vote for how it will change based on those suggestions.

  • Remove
  • Keep

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If keep -->

  • Change
  • Same

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Change -
Remove the fire - it can kill us and we don’t like that or having to worry about overheating via detector

True – overheating will be removed soon tho. XD

I understand people want to keep it as close to the books as possible, but since there is one in the slytherin common room, every time I go in there, I catch on fire. xD. But again, this is my opinion as to having it removed. \o/

This isn’t an item from the books ~ It’s knockturn only :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh really? Thought I heard it somewhere. \o/

The concept came from the sneak-o-scope idea. ~

I found Muggle-born detectors extremely funny as they were even during my Muggle-born days thanks to Pande :joy:

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^.^ Yes well ~ Not everyone sees stuff the same way serg <3

I mean, it can be funny xD. It’s a bit annoying when i pass offices in the dungeons with one, its range is actually pretty big.

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Ofc Ofc I understand <3


I had an apartment and someone put one right where I lived when I was Muggle-born :joy:

A suggestion to make it more fair --> It could be a blood type detector that will make a different noise depending on blood type – a little less bloodist @Max // maybe add particles so that it has some ‘pretty effect’


I liked it because it reminded fans of the concept that muggle-borns were not respected by all, but I guess if people hate being lit on fire eveytime they go near one it should be changed a bit

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One problem I have definitely had more than once for the ones in the Slytherin common room is not being able to properly show a new player the common room because they catch on fire when they try to go into the dorms. It’s highly inconvenient for a new player who maybe doesn’t have much food and doesn’t know how to cast. Other ones don’t bother me.


Ryder I’m sorry but it’s so funny to watch you burn <3

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thats hilarious

I ran down the hall, after that thing with Alm and Johnny, and come back with a pumpkin on my head, and I was burning. xD

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I really dislike catching on fire and almost dying everytime I pass certain offices or apartments. Personally, I don’t like being meanies to mudbloods for two reasone:

A) You aren’t able to choose your blood. Obviously if you were able to, everyone would be purebloods, so I understand the reason behind it. However, it is not very fair that people get “punished” for something they cannot choose. While you can say life isn’t fair, imagine if someone was in Slytherin (or any house) and ended up burning to death simply because of their house.

B) Muggleborns aren’t very disliked anymore. While mudbloods were despised during Harry Potter’s time, this is 50+ years in the future. I wouldn’t assume the same feelings still apply.

While it can be pretty funny to watch someone catch on fire and burn to death, when it actually happens to you it can be frustrating. As said before, it also is horrible when you’re trying to guide newbs to the Slytherin common room, and they end up almost dying because of something they can’t control.

To keep it fair to the people who bought Muggleborns detectors, you could change the way it detects us, as stated. Even this could be seen as annoying though.

While others may agree or disagree with what I stated, this is just my opinion. Thanks for reading


Still wether we keep them or not, I feel we might wanna have some items against pure bloods too, cause now I can count 3 items that have negative effect on muggleborns but not purebloods but none the otber way round.

Also if removing, I dont see the issue with mailing galls back?