Musical theater but cheese - an art contest

extra information that u don't need to read

so you may be wondering as with any of my forums posts:
ava what did you do
ava what is this
ava why do you do this
ava what
ok time to answer that (btw u don’t have to read this part because its not important):
so you may have heard of cheese right- okay so we were just casually having a drama club join drama club if ur not in it already we have fun sorry self promo is required and so we may or may not be plotting existential doom. no jk. okay so we were talking about whatever we were talking about right and we were like omg intermission cheese right k so then idk who came up with the whole intermission cheese contest thing but yes. so then we all started on working on lyrics for intermission cheese: the parody the parody the parody. ok jk it was a different musical but that’s not relevant and also i realize no one will get my joke ok moving on to the actual description type thing of the contest bc i doubt anyone actually read this but if you actually read this good for u im rlly proud of u.

:warning: disclaimer: intermission cheese and cheese are very different things i realize this don’t attack me ;-; :warning:

ok so basically this is ktn arts but not official and the prize will most likely be lame.

you have until:
February 7th at 12am EST

you can make:
art. yes anything qualifying as art i love art art is great ok drawings music videos photography whatever be cool.

musical theater but cheese


  1. make it urself weirdo
  2. stick to the theme smh
  3. be epic but ur already epic okay bye

ok go make art

OH submit it however just make sure to name it bc i want names :V

also yes there’s participation prizes bc u humans are great
just gonna say these prizes aren’t gonna be the epicest bc im poor lmoa

oh also you can submit multiple things lol


i’ll literally make cheese ex wives cover don’t test me

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do it

I’m already working on it