My 3 year knockturniversary

I knew from day one that I’d be sitting here making this one day in the far off future, one day in my teen years, but I never really knew that I’d be sitting here with so much more knowledge about the world than I started with. Knockturn taught me a lot and there were a lot of special people I met along the way. Bonds that broke. Bonds that strengthened. Bonds that formed.

Considering the fact that I haven’t been active in, what, a year? I’m sure a lot of you don’t even know me! So let me introduce myself. Hello, I am known as Katherine on Knockturn, please call me Kath. I joined this server at age 10. And now it is my 3 year knockturniversary. I think you can do the math.

I wonder what was going through my brain when I decided I wanted to be called Katherine. Maybe I thought of the first name that came to mind and wrote it down. Who knows? All you need to know is that I now very much dislike that name but continue to use it for lack of a better one. And then I said I wanted Gryffindor.

I remember that night like it was last night. It was almost midnight and my mom and I had just finished watching Sorcerer’s Stone. I was obsessed. I combined that with my love of minecraft and immediately sat on my bed in my hogwarts robe and google “HP MINECRAFT SERVERS” and that is how I found knockturn. I joined, selected my name (which I still have logs of btw) and selected Gryffindor for my preferred house- a decision heavily influenced by my love of Hermione Granger. When I officially got in, I was greeted by Lost Delacour who helped me along. (btw i am so sorry for her for having to deal with me because i was thoroughly convinced this was an economy survival server with harry potter elements).

Now enough about my life story! Did I even make an impact on this server? Who knows! Probably not because now I come online and no one remembers me but that is indeed besides the point. Bare with me for the obligatory honorable mentions. Note: I may have forgotten you. Sorry.

Lost/Violetta Delacour: for helping me become a part of the server environment. thank you so much. without you, i may have never gotten into knockturn
Pinkie Shoelastname: for inspiring me to want to become a professor which unfortunately never happened since i never made the age requirement so i became a PA instead. thank you so much for that initial push.
Gracen: for taking me under her wing, letting me PA her magical theory classes along with Alana, inviting me to Melon Town, helping me learn to play league, and making me feel welcome in the community. thank you for truly incorporating me into your teaching.
Alana: for being a close friend of mine. thank you so much for those nights spent together chit chatting away. i will also stop asking if you can read my forum posts because now we are in contact. yay!!!
Fance: for being so nice to me. for always treating me well. for welcoming me into mordonia with open arms and helping me do what i wanted to. thank you so much
Jake: now that it is 3 years later I can say it and look back and laugh, but I think you were my first online crush, so congratulations. and thanks for playing it cool and actually agreeing to my shenanigans and running away with me to a far off land where no one could ever find us aka the ministry
Staples Walnut: staples walnut how many wives do you have … oh and thanks for being my mother/fiance. good times
Grass (Grace): i always wanted to be friends with you because i saw you as cool but at one point you went inactive indefinitely and never ever came back. but thanks for the earth head. i still use it to this day.
Aneliz: for being a really good friend. thank you so much for everything. avosquad forever. do you remember the time when you were year 5 and trying to kill toadstools and i looked at you and thought you were so cool and i was like omg how are you doing that and you said bombarda and then you let me steal all of your money and xp from those kills. i was so influenced by that that the only spell i have nonverbal is bombarda. thank you.
Avery: we’ve been through a lot together. thank you so much for the dms, the fights, the hours spent laughing, and the times we were victorious as green team… everything. i’ve never stopped wishing we could relive those days and i remember them like they were yesterday.
last but not least…

A huge thank you goes to Pandetta. Words could not describe how grateful I am that YOU are the owner of Knockturn. There were so many times when I thought no one believed in me, but you were always there. You always complimented me and gave me praise. On my house change application, you gave me words of encouragement. You gave me life advice. You taught me so much about life. The first time I played ranked on league was with you. Thank you for teaching me so much about that game. I still have recollections of all those times I felt small and you were always there to tell me I was bigger than all those other people. That they could never amount to the greatness and the potential I had in me. And that was really all I needed sometimes. A million thank you’s could not tell you how grateful I am that you started this server, that you spend your MONEY on this server to help it run and help it positively impact so many lives, including mine. I hope it’s messages like these that make it all worth it for you.

Thank you to everyone for making my experience worthwhile, and continuing to have a lasting impact on me even though I’m not around much anymore.

Good night.


Congratulations! I’m glad you stayed here for so long. Grace has been active lately too btw

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No way!!! I’ve gotta go say hi to her sometime! Thank you for telling me. I also heard that violetta came back too? Everyone is coming back except me. Gotta keep up with the trends am i right

Well she’s active on Mordonia yeah ;D and it’d be great to have you back!

Ahh, it’s so good to hear from you! I’m glad you still think about us all. Heh, I still have your avocado in Towny. <3

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