My first year on Knockturn

Wow! it’s been a whole year. A whole year of having fun on this amazing server with its amazing community.
It feels like much longer than only 1 year tbh. This server and all of you have affected my life so much. Exactly one year ago, I would’ve never guessed that one year later, I would still be here, writing a 1-year anniversary post.
You’ve all affected my life so much, thank you :heart:

@PortablePotatoo My best friend! The only person that has ever really heard my voice xD. Even though you’re not very active anymore, you still have a special place in my heart and you’re the person that always stood by me no matter what. We were each other’s rock during difficult times and I will never forget everything we’ve done together :heart:

@Lohkeaine My first wife xD. You were one of my first best friends on this server, we immediately hit it off and told spooky stories to each other until 4 am. The person that has the same music style as me and whatever song you suggest to me, I already know I’ll listen to it for hours and hours (most songs on my 1000 song playlist were suggested by you). We get each other and I’m so grateful for that.:heart:

@stupidkitty456, @Troy, and @Jade_Potter I will never forget the day we met after my first MT class. You guys were my very first friends on this server and you’re all not very active anymore but I promise to keep the Year 1 forever club we created if it ever gets sold because of inactivity. That club was my first reason to stay on the server and thanks to that club I got hired to write for the prophet. I’ll miss you :heart: :heart: :heart:

@PenguinGoggles I honestly don’t even remember how we met, we were just instantly friends. We both got hired by the prophet and started writing amazing articles together. You’re one of my best friends on this server and I know that we’ll stay best friends together on this server for a very long time. :heart:

@Mayish You’re one of my newest friends. The first time we talked was because I asked you questions about non-ktn related stuff xD. 3 months later we’re both on knockturn and we immediately hit it off. Our friendship really just progressed very quickly and now we’re both co-hosting the find the powder event. Our map already looks amazing thanks to you. (I’ll be able to help you now). I just know that this friendship is the start of something great. :heart:

Now for all my amazing role models on this server:

@Napstablook and @vcam123 You guys are amazing! I’m really grateful for being hired on the prophet crew, Lore team, and later on Builder team. Those are the main reasons why I’ve been here for a year now. You both gave me a way to do something during difficult times and escape from reality. You’re both great co-owners, you guys deal with a lot and still manage to hold it together. it’s something I really admire in you and I look up to you both, a lot. :heart: :heart:

@Tereazer and @Bess_Days You are amazing as well, you’re the most hard-working people I know. You’re great at everything and I know that I can always come to you for advice may it be knockturn related or not. Two amazing role models. I’ll always strive to be as great as you guys. :heart: :heart:

Also very very grateful for everyone I’ve talked to on this server! Won’t mention everyone but if you read this, I’d love to get to know you better and I’m sure we will because I’m here to stay. :heart:


Congratz on your first year! I hope more are coming :grin::grin::grin:

Aw grats on hitting 1 year! (btw my @ is @Napstablook) XD

Been amazing getting to know you and you’re one of the sweetest people on knockturn <3

(:facepalm: I just saw that it existed so I put it) But yes, it’s been an amazing year despite everything that’s happening outside of ktn <3

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HAPPY ONE YEAR! You have come so far, and I’m so proud of the hard-working and amazing person you are! I can’t believe I’ve known you for almost a year now, and I hope you stick around for many more :slight_smile:

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YESSS! Congrats! You are absolutely amazing and that’s so exciting. Im not as active (i apologize), but you are an amazing friend. Even besides playing you’ve always been there for me to talk to. <333

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Omg Congratsssssssssssss <3

Congrats on one year :heart: