My Hero Academia

Hey everyone so I’m making a mha rp becaues I love that show. (Also caues I have no life but let’s not get in to that.)
Any one can join at any time. :slight_smile:

How it will go is I will control the number one hero as well as my own chreachter.
Everyone is going to the school. I might play the villain or mabey give it off to someone one. All quirks have it be given a ok by me. Anyways
Now for the people who don’t know alot about mha, quirks are your powers.
here’s the template.


I will make my chreachter after a few have joined.

(@Kaneki @AnaCloud @MightyThor1198)

(Am excited, almost made this myself a while back XD)

(Yesss people join me happy.)

Name: Trella Marinelle
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Quirk: Can turn her body to diamond.
Personality/description: Trella grew up the daughter to one the CEO of one of the many Hero hiring companies. Even though she grew up with a lot in her favour, she had just as much against her. She has grown in the shadow of her parents and older brother, but promises she will make a name for herself and be the best hero she can. Trella has light blonde hair that is slightly blue, bright blue eyes, and slightly toned skin with a height of 5’9’’. She is commonly quiet and observent, but can also be friendly if she gets to know someone.
(When is the rp starting off? Entrance exam?)

(Ya it will be starting at the entrance exam so we don’t have our codenames yet. Also awesome power.)

(Thank youuuu)

(cough character not chearchter cough)

Name: Oliver Witworth
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Quirk: Dark Matter/Antimatter manipulation
Personality/Description: Oliver has dark black hair, bright green eyes, and pale skin. He always wears a hoodie, and normally doesn’t talk to people. He likes to keep his personal life to himself, and is always reminding himself to not bother people.

(@Kaneki I summon you)

Name: Sophie Lastname (Lost-nah-may)
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Quirk: Can grow different aspects of animals. (wings, talons, beak, that stuff. She keeps her human form, and has never completely transformed.)
Personality/description: She is a stunningly beautiful girl, with auburn hair and gray eyes. She loves to read, and is rather outgoing around her friends.

(I refuse ;-; )

(Ahh, sad face.)

(ples dun refuse)

(Sad face is very sad)

(Come on @Kaneki. One of us, one of us.)

(One of usssssssssssss. Also, plez make your character now @Geentiger829)

Name: zane kento (hero name: omni)
Gender: male
Age: 28
Quirk: one for all.
(He is the number one hero. Will make my main chreachter in a sec.)

(Much excite, Much hype)

Name: mira kento
Gender: female
Age: 15
Quirk: bladeworks/lightning
Personality/description: long white hair. She has one black eye and one gold eye. She is very athletic. She has trained to be a hero her whole life. She is also very kind to everyone.

(May we begin le rp?)