My Secret Admirer

gotcha! It’s just another one of those lame 2 year posts! :wink:

I’m too lazy and can’t be bothered to make a big long post about my experience first joining and such, so mmm - 2 years! Woot woot!

Again, I’m also just too lazy to shout out everyone that made an impact on my time here - So I’m going to shorten it to the few people that I couldn’t be more happy to have met thanks to this server.

(If I didn’t mention you - pls don’t get hurt. I literally don’t have enough motivation to go through the effort of shouting a million people out. Just know that I love you all lmao)

  • Christoph Hopkins: Oh Chris my boy, I know you’ll most likely never see this, but honestly you’re so amazing and I love you to death kiddo. You were the very first friend I made here, and first person I ever vc’d with from KTN. That call with Bambi, Percy and Velvet tho was very, interesting. :joy: Unsurprisingly, we became literal besties almost instantly. Even when you stopped playing KTN we kept in touch, and still talked basically everyday. Throwback to the 90-ish hour skype call we had with Cynthia & Percy! Even though we don’t keep in touch as much anymore because life is chaotic, I still absolutely love you and hope you’re doing swell buddy. Hopefully one day you won’t be as busy with life and you’ll come back to KTN so we can relive the good old days :yellow_heart:

  • Max Williams: My brother-cousin! We still never quite figured that one out, eh? Anyways brother, you’ve been an incredible friend to me ever since we first met. I remember the first time I saw you hop online I was absolutely amazed, I couldn’t believe I finally met someone in the same family as me! (such amazing, ohwow) When we first started talking I was unsure if we’d be good friends or not, but that quickly faded away as we also clicked instantly. We’ve had many great moments together, whether on KTN or elsewhere, and I look forward to many many more. Just be prepared for once I can cast Moolium - I WILL GET MY REVENGE FOR ALL THESE YEARS - JUST YOU WAIT! :joy:

  • Percy Scrimgeour: The Big P! (That always sounds better in my head honestly lmao) You were also one of the first people I met on KTN! Also, you were the first person to figure out what my first name on KTN is from, and I thought that was pretty cool. (Unsurprisingly, not many people know </3) We share a lot of the same interests, and we have the same sense of dark humour. Least to say, VC’ing with you is never a dull moment my boy, but I mean we both know that already! Anyways, keep being the Big P that you are! (lolol) Love ya homie.

  • Jordan Owen: Muuuumm!!! Thank you for putting up with my constant stupidity, rants, and complete drunkenness! You’ve always been there for me if I need someone to talk to, and I’m extremely thankful for that. Although we haven’t VC’d a ton recently, or much in general, I do feel like there are some great memories from the times we have. (Mostly just me being a drunk mess let’s be honest huehue) However, I look forward to making some more great memories together in the future though, love yoouuu :yellow_heart:

  • Carter Starling: Carter-booiiiii. We aren’t as close friends as we used to be before - but nonetheless I’m still happy for the awesome and fun times we’ve had together man! Maybe one day we can kick it again like before, who knows :slight_smile: Anywhoooo, hope you’re doing gucci lil buddy, much love! -screams and runs away in Essentials format-

And now, an obvious big thank you to all of the Staff of KTN Networks. Whether past members or current, you’ve all helped in making this server possible. Without any of you, I would’ve never had the chance to befriend the amazing people I have, or also experience all the great times I’ve had with them. Thank you KTN Staff, for everything you’ve done for us, and especially myself, as a community.

Bella Rogers: Hahahahah - Bet you thought I forgot about you, didn’t you? :wink: Where do I even like, begin though? You’ve grown to be one of my best friends in general, including even outside of KTN - and I couldn’t be more grateful to have you in my life honestly. You’re an amazing friend, incredibly chill to talk to, an awesome listener (even when I’m ranting about literal nonsense 80% of the time in DMs), and just about as petty and salty as I am. Thank you for sticking by my side through everything and always being an amazing friend to me. Love ya hoooeee :yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

Alrighty, this is long enough, and I put way too much effort into this than I expected or wanted to lol

It’s been an amazing 2 years in this community, much love to everyone! :clinking_glasses::beers:

TL;DR Nygma bamboozled you with the post title, but has hit 2 years on KTN and is giving love to everyone, orlly


Congrats man! I hope we’ll see each other in 2 more xD

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Congrats man! I hope we will have many more fun times!!

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Congrats brotheeer!!! :heart:

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Congrats!! Hope ya stick around for many more!

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Welcome to the club! :smile:

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Congrats on your 2 years Nyghoe >:V

Essentials format will haunt us forever. yesrlly

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