My story

so I asked you guys if you wanted the 42 wishes thing, and you guys liked the idea so I wrote a part one as a story thing
and basically when Lydia waas in highschool she was beautiful and looked like Ariana Grande (basically). but now she’s old and sort of chubby and has wrinkles.

Whena voice dings in her ears, that she must make a wish everyday, she wishes to be in her senior year again. So I’m thinking she’s redoing the year, but this time she knows the experience. And she’s forced to do the whole year again, because she has to wish 41 other wishes.

and she can wish out of it. but would shewant to?

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This is so good! :smiley:

I would read it if I had a wattpad account xD

ripperoni. (sentence)

thanky. XD

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I just read your story, it’s amazing so far!

ty !!

means a lot

Np, I’m just speaking the truth ;3