My stuff is gone that i had on me

Support Ticket

I was gonna play a game of snaps. I tried to place down the deck but the server lagged and nothing happened so i did it again. then both decks popped up and i was in two games at once. I left one of the games and went straight into the other. The game played fine but when I got out all my stuff was gone. I tried relogging but it didn’t work.

Request for Solution
I just need my stuff back please. I had 4 stacks of sickles, 71 galleons, 29 cauldron cakes, a comet 260, a snaps deck, a wand owned by tal trelawny phoenix feather dogwood 16and 7/12 in, a wand owned by emily allen phoenix feather sycamore 17and1/2 in, and a wand owned by angelina nott phoenix feather cherry wood 16and1/4 in

wands can only be done when the original users that owned the wands are online. so they have not been returned yet.

2 wands returned. only the Angelina not wand is yet to be returned

all items request returned