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[ Name Change Request ] / [ Marriage Request ] - Roleplay Name - SERVER

IGN: Soybean_
Current Roleplay Name: Ahlee Cook
Changed Roleplay Name: Ashlee Cook
Sponsor: Okay so I was told by an admin I should make an application for a new unsorted player. She misspelled her name, and it was obvious because the first thing she asked was if she can correct it. I was told by an admin that its possible to get it changed for her for free, but no Owners are online atm so the admin told me to apply. Thanks for considering!

If accepted, please make sure to have the required payment ready. 600 Galleons to change one part of your name. 1000 to change both parts at the same time.

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This name change request has been approved. Please have this player create a help ticket in-game and explain the situation.