[ Name Change Request ] - Ben Morgan

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[ Name Change Request ] / [ Marriage Request ] - Roleplay Name

Minecraft Username: TheHumdrum
Current Roleplay Name:Ben morgan
Changed Roleplay Name:Merlin Morgan

If accepted, please make sure to have the required payment ready. 600 Galleons to change one part of your name. 1000 to change both parts at the same time.

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I’m okay with this as long as the other owners are okay since this looking like a reference to Merlin / Morgana Le Fay, but because Merlin’s last name isnt morgan, and there are only 10 people named merlin all of which are inactive of this moment, I think its fine.

I leave this to a vote of the co-owners

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im ok with it

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im gucci


this has been 30 days now

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thought withe the 3 owners it would have been fine but okay lol- sure

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i think 3 is fine

Approved. Make a /helpop next time you see an owner online