[ Name Change Request ] - Joely Obrien

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[ Name Change Request ] / [ Marriage Request ] - Roleplay Name

Minecraft Username: Joely2017
Current Roleplay Name: Joely Obrien
Changed Roleplay Name: Joely Potter
Sponsor: Jade Potter

I ONLY WANT TO CHANGE IF THERE’S SPACE FOR TWO MORE POTTERS: MIA SLUGHORN AND PENGUIN HOWDEN. If there will be too many Potters together with me, Mia and Penguin, plz don’t change my name either.

If accepted, please make sure to have the required payment ready. 600 Galleons to change one part of your name. 1000 to change both parts at the same time.

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This has been approved since you made this application 1 day before the other potter application. You are the last potter. 7/7 potters changed.

EDIT: I just reread and there is no enough room for all 3, there is only one spot. Therefore denied.