Aight, so you know how the naruto universe is. Everyone starts as a genin (lowest rank) in the Hidden Leaf Village. You can choose to be in whichever clan of your choice. So like Uchiha, Uzumaki, Namikaze, Hatake, etc. (Although if there are too many people in one clan, I will move people accordingly.)

IF you don’t wish to be a genin, there are some positions such as an ANBU, or special Jounin AKA Squad leader, but MSG me to confirm about these. You all have one nature chakra, and more can be obtained through ranking up. If you are a chuunin, you may have two nature chakras. If you’re above chuunin, you may have three.

Natures: Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning, Wind

You also have one specialization skill out of the following: Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Healing, Agility, Lifeforce These are completely independent skills that your character specializes in and must manifest in power at the beginning. The beginning is starting with what squads you will be placed in.

Template should look like this:
Name: Matori Uchiha
Rank: Hokage
Nature: Fire, Lightning, and Water
Specialization: Genjutsu

Name: mia Uchiha (daughter of sadara Uchiha.)
Rank: genin
Nature: fire
Specialization: Taijutsu
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Matori groaned at the table that he was sitting at and stared at the pile of papers that were stacked up. Undoing the bandages on his arms, he sat down and picked up a file containing the new recruits.

(Two things, one fixed it. Two what number Hokage are you.)
Mia walked sat at the park in the village looking at the great stone faces. She would be put on a team soon. She could not wait.

Name: Inochi Yamanaka
Rank: Genin
Nature: Lightning Release
Specialization: Healing

(In the Manga and other stuff some Genin found out all the nature’s right away so they could know them and work on them.)

(But the vast majority didn’t know them.)

Matori got up from his desk and yawned, carrying the list in his hand. Time to start the assignments. A puff of white smoke appeared and his cape billowed behind him as he disappeared.

(@Kaneki what number Hokage are you.)

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Walking out, he glanced at the sun and grimaced as his eyes adjusted. His sharingan glared at his surroundings and he pulled out a mic from the stage. “Attention, all genin-in-training please report to the training field.”

Mia hears the message and makes her way to the stage. She is there in no time.

(@Geentiger829 Ice style is only for Haku’s clan, which means you can’t be a Uchiha member. Also please stick with the guidelines, with genin only having one nature.)

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Name: Jojo (no last name because, you know, orphans)
Rank: Genin
Nature: Earth
Specialization: Agility

Inochi stood up from the flower garden and made her way to the training field.

Matori looked at the list of genin and glanced at the genin gathered. “Alright so, welcome to the squad assessment… of sorts.” Matori put the file down and glanced at the genin assembled. “Everyone, proceed to fight each other, only the people who remain standing after five minutes will be accepted.”

Mia walked to the fighting stage. She wondered who she would be fighting.

Matori stepped back and the examiner instead replaced his place. “Mia Uchiha versus Inochi Yamanaka!”

(Her vs the Hokage. @Kaneki)